Spanish Adventure Part 1

So we embarked on our Spanish adventure leaving Portsmouth for Santander just as the UK began to experience its first heatwave in goodness knows how long!

The crossing was pretty uneventful a flat sea and clear skies. The ship proved to be very accessible and the cabin was fine for an overnight crossing. Although not full the ship had some interesting passengers. A dozen or so male and female motor cyclists with tattooed bodies, arms and faces sporting the word Barbarians on their leather jackets. They consumed large quantities of amber fluids but remained polite and well mannered throughout although their walking and balance seemed to suffer a little. We’d observed another group board the ship driving various luxury sports cars which included a Lamborghini, a Ford GT40, an Aston Martin Vantage and a Porsche Carrera. They were all wearing t-shirts proclaiming they were making the journey via various stop overs to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. They made an interesting contrast when mixing at the bar with the Barbarians.

While eating our evening meal a light tap on my shoulder and a voice saying “well I’ll be blowed” the voice belonged to a man who we’ d first met at the captain’s table on the Arcadia during our world cruise! What are the odds of that happening, answers on a postcard please

We arrived on time in Santander and after an hours drive found our first site. Perfectly okay with accessible loos and showers but a little like a ghost town. A few Spanish people in static caravans and a smattering of Brits getting ready to move on.

We stayed for a couple of nights and toured the area. I won’t try your patience but just to mention the Guggenheim building in Bilbao, all curves and shiny surfaces not a straight line anywhere. Inside a fantastic exhibition of David Hockney’s work including photo collages and video art. Really worth the visit.

The only other memorable moment occurred while we having coffee and cakes in a little harbour cafe. A seagull flying at speed managed to decorate Sue’s cardigan from a hundred feet up with a direct hit. The cafe proprietor fetched cleaning materials and no harm was done. Isn’t it supposed to be a sign of good luck when a bird leaves a deposit on you?

Now moving west still following the coast and I’ll post an update soon.

Author: PhilFriend

Dr Phil Friend (OBE FRSA) himself a wheelchair user, is acknowledged as the UK's foremost consultant on disability matters. A powerful and highly popular communicator, his company – Phil & Friends – has provided consultancy to many of the country's best-known companies. In addition to his professional activities, he is also a respected champion for equal opportunities and diversity in general, where his special blend of humour and direct speaking has won admirers from around the world.

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