Spanish Adventure Part 2

So where was I, oh yes we were travelling west following the Spanish coast. We arrived at our destination a beautiful little campsite just near Candas. Not many people on the site but all the accessible facilities were fine aside from the restaurant which wasn’t open as the season hasn’t started. Spectacular views of cliffs and sea and a very short walk to the lovely little town of Candas itself.

Met an elderly British couple Ray and Clare who had driven their motorhome all the way from Huddersfield! Their satnav stopped working at Portsmouth and as it was bought specifically for the journey they weren’t very happy. I got to play gadget man and had it working after a bit of fiddling around. They were eternally grateful so much so that they they took it with them whenever they walked into town! Sue described them as “innocents abroad” by way of example they’d travelled without a water hose to top up with fresh water assuming that all campsites were equipped with them. Fortunately this site was, unfortunately while Ray was attempting to use it the hose detached itself from the tap and then acted like an out of control snake soaking him and anyone else that happened to be nearby! Ray then discovered the 12v electric kettle bought for the trip wasn’t working but we were already packed to leave so I resisted the temptation of getting out the screwdrivers! Lovely couple who we were sad to leave.

Made a trip into Oviedo a beautiful old town with lots of shady squares, small shops, a cathedral and a music school. Still not used to the shopping or eating hours! Lunch is 2-4, dinner 8-10, shops open until 12 and then open again after 4pm. We always seem to arrive when everything is shut and spend time just eating until it all opens again! Waistlines getting quite interesting!

Spent a very pleasant four days on the site reading, relaxing and walking. Set off on Wednesday for Santiago de Compestella renowned for its religious architecture and journeys end for many pilgrims. More soon!

Author: PhilFriend

Dr Phil Friend (OBE FRSA) himself a wheelchair user, is acknowledged as the UK's foremost consultant on disability matters. A powerful and highly popular communicator, his company – Phil & Friends – has provided consultancy to many of the country's best-known companies. In addition to his professional activities, he is also a respected champion for equal opportunities and diversity in general, where his special blend of humour and direct speaking has won admirers from around the world.

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