Holiday Cruise

Well by this time next week Sue and I will be well on our way to Norwegian fjords aboard the cruise ship Venturer. I’m really looking forward to this trip I’ve heard so much about cruising from friends like Kate Nash and Jane Campbell. Both of them describes their cruises as absolutely fantastic. Accessibility on board the ships is reputedly extremely good and I’m looking forward to testing this out for myself!

On the subject of wheelchairs which we vaguely were I’ve been trying out a number of all-terrain powered chairs this week with a view to buying one of them. There is no doubt that the chairs I’ve tested will go across all sorts of rough ground, the only real problem is that they are not very manoeuvrable in confined spaces which makes it quite difficult to load them into my Chrysler or my motorhome this does present a serious problem as the only reason for buying such chair is to enable Sue and me to take them on holiday in order to go across rough terrain. The second major issue is the cost of these chairs one of them I tested would cost £14,000 which is almost twice the amount of money my son paid for his Renault Clio! I am continually amazed at how much equipment costs for disabled people. I find it very difficult to believe that we can make cars cheaper than we can make powered wheelchairs or for that matter lightweight wheelchairs! Some fairly standard lightweight sports chairs cost more than some racing bikes and yet the engineering is not that different. Manufacturers generally complain that it’s about the small volumes nonetheless I’d be really interested to find out what the actual cost of making a powered chair is compared to the amount of money they’re sold for.

Anyone out there got any thoughts on this issue.

Well it’s time to start packing!

I’ll update on my trip when I return. In the meantime I hope the sun is shining where you are.

Best wishes

New Website

Welcome to my new website! I hope this is is the beginning of an exciting new relationship with colleagues and friends both old and new. Tell me what you think, all suggestions, particularly the polite ones will be gratefully received.

I intend to uppdate this section on a regular basis with items of interest to me and I hope to you too! So keep dipping in and post anything that my be of interest to me and other colleagues.

Some of you will have heard the very sad news that Bob Sang a very long standing associate and colleague died very suddenly last week this came as huge shock to many of us. He had such energy and drive and seemed pretty invincible. We await news of his funeral or other events to mark his passing. In addition I’ve also learned of the death of Peter Townsend. For those of us who studied social policy in the 70’s and 80’s Peter will be remembered as an extraordinary individual whose understanding of the needs of disabled people and other disadvantaged groups was legendary and vitally important in helping us to develop our rights agenda. We are the poorer for his passing. Perhaps these two sad losses will serve to remind us that our time is short and we must make the very best use of it. More soon