Feet and Hands in Harmony.

Sue Kent is a massage therapist who uses her feet to massage. She pioneered this technique due to an upper limb disability caused by the drug thalidomide.

She has 8- inch- long arms and seven fingers and no thumbs. She has little strength or grip ability in her hands. Sue uses both her feet and her arms to do daily tasks, and she sometimes uses her teeth although she isn’t sure this is always a good idea.

Sue’s favourite pastimes include sea swimming, gardening and painting, all of which she does using a combination of her feet and hands.

Sue runs a Facebook page called Gadgets to make life easier, disabling disability. Here people can share gadgets they found that are useful or ask if anybody has a gadget for a problem that they have. https://www.facebook.com/groups/83214963722/?ref=share

Sue mentioned the following products/items in the podcast

A rocker chopper, here’s an example https://amzn.to/2WGbQUF

Automatic tweezers https://bit.ly/2TjjWAx

Split toe socks. https://etsy.me/2TdFSg7